Pepakura Template Overwatch Baptiste

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Baptiste Overwatch Armor Set Pepakura foam cosplay pattern
DIGITAL FILES, not a physical product!

Unfolded in and for pepakura/armorsmith
These are 3d files which are already unfolded and ready to go patterns for the armor pieces for Baptiste from Overwatch
it is unfolded for fabrication with foam.

it is scaled to about 1.75 – 1.80 meters tall (6 feet ish), but everybody is different so some scaling might be needed. ctrl +J for 10% decrease, ctrl + L for 10% increase.
file contains:

Boot, Knee, Thigh, cod piece, Spine, Abs, Torso, Shoulder, Elbow, forearms, gloves, eye couter thingy and backpack.

scarf and full body model are included for reference aswell
his gun is now added aswell free, not unfolded but can help you with building reference or even 3dprint.

if you need assistance on construction or explanation on how pepakura or armorsmith works, you can find me on youtube where i host many easy to follow tutorials on the channel: Wayne’s Workshop

i also host a FB builders group called: “Workshop Weeners” you are free to join there and share your work with me and others or post questions regarding cosplay/props.
workshop weeners on facebook
you can also contact me for further assisstance over on FB and IG: Wayne’s Workshop

Happy Crafting 🙂