Costronica Smoke-It-Yourself KIT




Costronica Smoke-It-Yourself!
The easy to assemble kit with FREE worldwide shipping!

Great as a small gift for you and your crafting friends!


Smoke pen with wires soldered on already so you don’t have to do the difficult part!
Battery box (for AAA batteries) with ON/OFF switch on it, no extra loose buttons needed!
Special connector piece for putting it all together!
Air pump.
Shrink tube.
Velcro patches with self adhesive.
Small bottle filled with our smoke juice mix.

Tools needed:
Soldering iron with some solder tin.
Hot Gluegun with some hot glue.
Wire stripper or cutter.

Costronica Smoke-It-Yourself can run continuous before a refill is needed, however recommended use is intermittent with a cooling off period in between to prolong coil life and allow juice to soak up into cotton and reach the coils.

To refill Costronica Smoke-It-Yourself use Propyleen Glycol (PG), which is the base compound in vape juice but is colorless and (near) odorless, or use Glycerine (VG) which is also used in some vape juices, Glycerine is more viscous than PG, but does provide thicker smoke, you can also mix the 2, which leads to a better smoke production ratio. (70pg/30vg or 60pg/40vg is what you want to aim for)


All tinkering and modification other then shown in provided instructions by the buyer is at their own risk.

Treat with care and they last for all your cosplays and props.

Thank you very much.