Costronica Thrusters




Costronica Thruster by Wayne’s Workshop!
Check out our Costronica Thruster 10 watt LED addon and Costronica Thrusters Splitter pack

It is FINALLY here!

Costronica Thrusters! Blast away with my latest system powered by a simple can of air duster!
No messing around with CO2 or N2O, no clumsy refilling of tanks, just screw on ANY can of air duster with my unique included clip/screw system and you are ready to go.

Switching a empty can for a full one can be done in under 20 seconds and explained in the manual.

1 standard (400ml) can will last a total thrust time of 1 minute and 10 seconds, this can be prolonged with a regulator found in the addon pack, less thrust for more time, or screw on a larger can like an 750ml one.

Perfect for cosplays/suits like Iron Man, Master chief, Mandalorians, Rocketeers and many many more.
watch our demo video for a preview!

can be upgraded with our Thruster led addon for colored thrust effects!
or our splitter pack so you can have more then 1 thrust exit point!

Costronica thruster base unit comes with:
– Costronica thruster base unit (momentary switch or remote)
– 8x AA battery pack with dc jack
– 2 meter of PTFE tube
– Connector for the Thruster Led addon
– manual on/off safety valve to be placed anywhere in your cosplay (see instructions for info)
– 2 x Wayne’s Workshop unique duster can adapter system
– Instruction video (will be send to account upon shipping out of product)

Please note:

  • Fits most commercially available cans of airduster, both non-flammable and flammable versions
  • corrosion-resistant internals (flammable airduster variants can contain corrosive materials)
  • non-flammabale air duster is recommended, if not available in your area and you use flammable airduster, keep away from glowing objects and open flames.
  • keep and install device always as pictured above, the can needs to be on top but flipped facing downwards, otherwise the visual aspect of it will not work.
  • when done using Costronica Thruster, unscrew can of airduster before storing away.
  • Airduster cans not included, pressurized cans are prohibited from air shipping.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Momentary switch, Remote control

Dimensions of square box

9×9.5×4 cm (3.54×3.74×1.57 inch)

Dimensions of full case including cylinder top part

11x14x7 cm (4.33×5.51×2.75 inch)

Dimensions of full case with standard 400ml duster can installed

11×28.5×7 cm (4.33×11.22×2.75 Inch)

Working voltage